Finding          Nemo

On May 29th, our graduating seniors will enter the underwater world of Finding Nemo, where sea turtles surf and “fish are friends, not food.”   In a “school” of their fellow graduates, the Class of 2020 will arrive on the shores of Sydney Harbor, greeted by seagulls, scuba divers, and sounds of the sea.  Then the deep of the ocean will call them into an underwater paradise – they will dine under the Great Barrier Reef, dance beneath jellyfish and stingrays, and be befriended by Bruce the Shark.  Amidst a garden of coral and sea creatures, they might find their way to the East Australian Current, where Crush the Turtle and his son Squirt wait to show them the way to finding Nemo, Marlin, and all their friends.  They will have to evade exploding ocean mines, predatory sharks, and the horrors of a dentist’s office, but in the end, all our seniors will find their way safely home after the adventure of a lifetime – one that even Dory couldn’t forget!

When it began...

In 1955, Mr. Green -a movie studio executive and San Marino resident - conceived the first Grad Night following a tragic accident on Prom Night.  He wanted to give his daughter and the entire graduating class a lavish and safe all-night celebration of dining and entertainment.  Under his direction, the first Grad Night was designed by Joe Schiller, who continued to design the sets for 37 years, each year with a different theme chosen by the graduating seniors.  Since 1993, the Grad Night sets have been created by several SMHS alumni, and since 2007, Art Aguirre has been designing the sets.


This treasured tradition has continued through the generous support of SMHS parents, community members, and local businesses and organizations.  Each year, over 220 volunteers have devoted thousands of hours to Grad Night by way of planning, fundraising, construction, painting, and staffing.


SMHS Grad Night is steeped with several traditions including much of the format (all-night, sit-down dinner served by Junior dads, unlimited food and entertainment, Grad Night mugs, etc.), activities (most recently, magician and hypnotist in the party room, games, raffle prizes) and community event (“community hug to our seniors!”)  Since many in our community are also SMHS alumni, Grad Night continues to be a special legacy passed on to each graduating class and truly one of the most memorable moments amongst all alumni.


This year there are 271 seniors.  After Graduation and pictures, the seniors will arrive in their Graduation attire around 8:15 pm.  After the Party Room (Big Gym), entertainment ends around midnight, the seniors will change clothes for the rest of the entertainment and activities, which conclude at 5 a.m.

We Need You!


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Turning the Vision

   ...Into  Reality    

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Painting and Building for Grad Night will officially begin on Wednesday, January 8th at Wells Fargo Bank. We will be there every Wednesday and Saturday from 9-3. We need your help!! This is a fun way to get to know other parents and get involved in Grad Night and see how it all comes together. Lunch is provided for all the volunteers! Get a friend to come with you and help us to create the magic of Grad Night!


Past Grad Night Themes

History of Grad Night Logos.jpg

1956 - Carnival Francois

1957 - Caribbean Cruise

1958 - Sayonara

1959 - Mardi Gras

1960 - Arabian Nights

1961 - A Night in Venice

1962 - Gone with the Wind

1963 - Manhattan Nights

1964 - Old San Francisco

1965 - Around the World In 80 days

1966 - Holiday in Bermuda

1967 - Bella Roma

1968 - Parisian Fantasy

1969 - Camelot

1970 - Mardi Gras

1971 - Hawaiian Luau

1972 - London Tower

1973 - Alice in Wonderland

1974 - Enchanted Forest

1975 - Neptune Fantasy

1976 - Wizard of Oz

1977 - Willy Wonka

1978 - Peter Pan

1979 - The Cat in the Hat

1980 - Roaring Twenties

1981 - The Old West

1982 - South Pacific

1983 - Camelot

1984 - Evening in Paris

1985 - Venice

1986 - Mardi Gras

1987 - Atlantic-The Lost City

1988 - Manhattan Magic

1989 - A Night on the Nile

1990 - Pirates of the Caribbean

1991 - Medieval Nights

1992 - Splendor of Rome

1993 - A Night at the Movies

1994 - 1001 Arabian Nights

1995 - South Seas

1996 - Moonlight in Venice

1997 - Star Port '97

1998 - Peter Pan

1999 - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

2000 - Alice in Wonderland

2001 - Mardi Gras

2002 - Dr. Seuss - Cat in the Hat

2003 - Jack in the Beanstalk

2004 - Studio 54

2005 - Pirates of the Caribbean

2006 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2007 - 007 - James Bond

2008 - Harry Potter

2009 - The Adventures of Indiana Jones

2010 - Star Wars

2011 - UP!

2012 - Las Vegas Nights

2013 - Toy Story

2014 - The Great Gatsby

2015 - Monsters University

2016 - Jurassic Park

2017 - Monopoly

2018 - Passport Around the World

2019 - The Magical World of Harry Potter