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Special & Spring Flocking



What is Flocking? Upon request, you will get a wonderful pink flock of flamingos in your front yard, that will remain on display for two days and then be quietly taken away for the next supporter. In addition to the flamingos, you have the option of requesting "Happy Birthday" or "Congrats" signs for the special occasion. This is a really fun and celebratory way to help support our annual Grad Night event.

If you would like to request a "flocking" for your front yard, or that of a friend, or have any questions regarding this merriment, please contact one of our co-chairs named below. They will respond quickly and arrange for scheduling. Communication will be provided with the next steps and procedures for making a donation.  A tax donation letter will be emailed upon receipt of all donations, and those donations of $100 or greater will be recognized in promotional materials.

Grace Lee-Navarrete

Sue Nesnas


Flocking Happy Birthday
Flocking Happy Birthday 2.jfif
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